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Raviraj Chemicals - a leading Sulfamic Acid manufacturer
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Auramine O
RaviRaj Chemicals is an ISO 9001:2008 Company
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Company Profile

Sulfamic Acid Supplier

Raviraj Chemicals is ISO 9001-2008 Certified chemical company in India. We are leading Sulphamic Acid manufacturer and supplier in India. Raviraj chemicals is also manufacturing Basic Dyes and intermediates, pigments, Auramine O and Metanil Yellow.

Raviraj Chemicals is located in Ankleshwar (Gujarat), INDIA. We manufactures products with highest quality standards under stringent Environment, Health and Safety norms.

Why Us?

As an ISO 9001:2008 Company we assure that maintains consistent high standards. RRC is committed to providing its customers with superior quality products and has implemented rigorous quality system to assure this.We place strong emphasis on quality parameters suggested by our esteemed clientele and work towards incorporating superior quality into our products and Processes.

Consequently, we encourage our clients to give us as much feedback as possible, and over the years, we have formalized a process for reviewing this valuable input to find solutions. We promote continuous improvements in all the fields of activity through precisely defined Objectives, measurable indicators and process directed management system.

Some of the key factors that have helped us thrive in this competitive market are:

Raviraj Chemicals ISO certificate


Our focus on quality is evident in our product range and performances as we source chemicals from reputed manufacturers. We have appointed a team of quality control analysis, who undertake stringent quality control measures ensuring supreme product quality. All our products stand high on verge of all quality so that they can easily withstand the national and international competition. Our products are continuously tested and retested for their properties.

Commitment towards safety of environment

We are committed towards safety of our operations involved in chemical processing, thereby minimizing their impact on the environment. Furthermore, our commitment extends to proper functioning of our client's businesses, for this, we ensure to meet your needs in a safe and effective manner.

Business focus

Over many years, we have built a reputation for ourselves in the chemical industry for our high quality products, dependable services and ability to accept new challenges and opportunities. Our continual focus is to maintain our product quality, efficiency and competitiveness in the global as well as in international market in which we operate.

Auramine O
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