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Sulphamic Acid, Auramine O, Metanil Yellow
Metanil Yellow
Auramine O


Industries Served

  • Chemicals
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Metanil Yellow

Metanil Yellow Specifications:

Product Formula

Chemical formula of Metanil Yellow
Acid Yellow 36, Metanil Yellow
Chemical Name Metanil Yellow
Chemical Formula C18H14N3O3SNa
Molecular Weight 375.391
Moistuer 5.0 % max
Physical Appearance Orange to yellow powder
C.I. Name Acid yellow 36
C.I. Number 13065
CAS Number 587-98-4
pH Ph 1.5 (Red Brown)-ph 2.7 (Yellow Brown)
Synonyms of Metanil Yellow: Metanil yellow, Monoazo, Amacid Yellow M, Fenazo Yellow M, Kiton Yellow MS, Acid Golden G, Metanil Yellow C, Metanil Yellow E, Metanil Yellow F, Metanil Yellow G, Metanil Yellow K, Metanil Yellow M, Metanil Yellow O, Metanil Yellow S, Metanil Yellow Y, Metanile Yellow O, Kiton Orange MNO, Metanil Yellow PL, Metanil Yellow VS, Metanil Yellow WS

Raviraj Chemicals as Metanil Yellow manufacturer

Raviraj Chemicals is one of the well known Metanil Yellow manufacturer in India. We are manufacturing and exporting Metanil Yellow from more than one decade. Our manufactured Metanil Yellow is known for its accurate chemical specifications, which makes it worthy to apply in varied industrial processes.

Packing of Metanil Yellow

Metanil Yellow is available in H.D.P.E. bags of net 50 Kgs. Material. Sample packets of 100-200 gms. are supplied on request. Feel free to send us enquiry about Metanil Yellow.

Applications Of Metanil Yellow:

Metanil Yellow which is also called Acid yellow 36 is used in printing on paper, dyeing on fibres, silk, Wool, nylon, silk, paper, ink, aluminum, detergent, wood, fur, cosmetics, biological stain etc.

Auramine O
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Metanil Yellow